Learn Arabic Shaded Flower Patch Tattoo Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial


Here is a arabic floral Henna Tattoo Design or also known as Floral Patch Henna Design that can apply on Hand as well as on other Body Parts like Feet, Shoulder, Back, Belly and Neck. Creation of this floral or flower mehndi Henna Tattoos/patch are very Less Time Consuming compared with full hand mehndi henna designs because it is created in a patch form (small Part). These Floral Henna mehndi Patch Desigs is the best for beginners to learn about basics of floral Henna Mehndi art and also during Practice Session. This floral or flower Tattoo/patch henna mehndi design include Floral Arabic Patterns and leaves and also some swirls patterns created in Creative Way.

Learn Arabic Shaded Flower Patch Tattoo Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial
Learn Arabic Shaded Flower Patch Tattoo Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Followings are the Steps for making this Beautiful Henna Mehndi Design..

Step 1: First of all choose any arabic flower or also you can use gulf style trendy rose flower pattern for making this henna mehndi tattoo or patch.

Step 2: After practicing single flower making, next you have to arrange this flower in a group of three flowers. use same pattern for creating flower in henna mehndi tattoo.

Step 3: Create flower in a cluster form or in a group of three as I have created. As you can see that first flower I have created with FULL size with all petals and then next two flowers I have created in Half Size.

Step 4: After finishing group of flowers, add some leaf on two sides of this henna mehndi flower cluster.

Step 5: Make this floral henna tattoo more attractive with addition of swirls and curves.

Step 6: Add some small sized dots at the end.

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