Simple Arabic Heart Patch Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial


Heart shape is a symbol of LOVE. See the Henna Mehndi design image I have created for valentine’s Day Special. For Beginners this design is best. First practice this design image as given below and then try this same henna mehndi design on Back and Front Hand. This henna mehndi design includes combination or group of three heart shapes. In between add some thick shapes and curls at the end. This Heart henna mehndi design is very simple to create and also very less time consuming for complete this design. You can embellished this design with addition of arabic flowers and leaves between two hearts.

Simple Arabic Heart Patch Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial
Simple Arabic Heart Patch Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Followings are the Steps for making this Beautiful Henna Mehndi Design..

Step 1: First Create or Draw heart shape perfectly. Draw two parallel heart shapes. Then apply small patterns on outer shape of heart shape.

Step 2: Now above that first heart shape, draw one swirl shape. Add one more swirl shape parallel to first swirl shape.

Step 3: Create two arabic flowers. Draw two circles and then create petals. Add some parallel small lines in each petals.

Step 4: Now create next second heart shape between two arabic flowers. Create only half heart shape with two parallel heart shapes.

Step 5: Again create swirl shape and add one more arabic flower.

Step 6: Repeat the same combination for number of times you want to create.

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