Pretty Floral Finger Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial


Nowadays Floral Designs are very much popular for applying on festival days. Here is also I ham sharing floral mehndi henna design. This floral henna mehndi design is created in gulf or khaleeji style. Three flowers are created first and from that three flowers one floral strip is created with dots and small flowers. This henna mehndi design is very much easy because it needs small space on hand (majority fingers) and it is best for small baby and for off festival days. Addition of some vines floral elements will make this design more attractive. This henna mehndi design we can also consider as fusion of floral and traditional henna mehndi work together to form a unique henna mehndi design for fingers.

Pretty Floral Finger Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial
Pretty Floral Finger Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Followings are the Steps for making this Beautiful Henna Mehndi Design..

Step 1: First to make this henna mehndi design you need to practice for drawing basic shapes of flower and some vines and swirls floral elements. Because this is the center part of making such floral henna mehndi design.

Step 2: So first draw big flower below ring and tiny fingers. Then create second flower little bit in small size on right side and below that big flower created before this.

Step 3: Create one more small flower with the same pattern below index or first finger.

Step 4: Then fill all fingers using different patterns. Use some traditional Different filling techniques for each fingers.

Step 5: After finishing details on all fingers next Add some beautiful floral vines and swirls pattern below flowers created before.

Step 6: after finishing different vines and swirls pattern, in empty space near swirls, create some dots and tiny circles.

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