Easy Gulf Style Floral Henna Mehndi Design with Tutorial

Easy Gulf Style Floral Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial
Easy Gulf Style Floral Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Floral Designs are very much popular for applying on festival days as well as for off festival days ans some for small functions and parties. Here is also I am sharing floral mehndi henna design created with gulf pattern. This floral henna mehndi design is created in gulf or khaleeji style. In the Beginning Three flowers are created first and between those three flowers so many dark leaves are created with dots and small flowers.

This Floral henna mehndi design is very much easy because it needs small space on hand (majority fingers) and it is best for small baby and for off festival days. Addition of some leaf branch or floral elements will make this design more attractive. This henna mehndi design we can also consider as fusion of floral and traditional henna mehndi work together to form a unique henna mehndi design for back hand.

Easy Gulf Style Floral Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial
Easy Gulf Style Floral Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Followings are the Steps for making this Beautiful Floral Gulf Style Henna Mehndi Design..

Step 1: First to make this floral henna mehndi design, you need to practice for drawing basic shapes of flower, some different petals and floral elements. Because creation of flower is the center part of making such floral henna mehndi design.

Step 2: Make Big Flower on the center of back hand using henna mehndi cone. To make flower, first draw small circle which will be the center of flower. Then Create six or eight numbers of thin and long petals and fill add petals completely using henna cone.

Step 3: After Creating Petals, next create outline on this flower. This will create separation between flower and other elements.

Step 4: Next on above and below parts of flower, create some small leaf as I have created. Create leaves in such a way that it forms a shape or section.

Step 5: Now fill created section with any of filling techniques of traditional henna mehndi art. You can also fill the space covered with leaf using the small flower as I did.

Step 6: Now apply the same filling techniques in order to fill space in next section.

Step 7: Next below fingers of back hand, again create two or three big flowers as per the space, with the same pattern that we used earlier to create flower.

Step 8: After finishing creation of flowers again create small and dark leaf and fill the rest space on fingers with the same filling techniques that we used earlier.

Step 9: Now after finishing your floral henna mehndi design, to make your design more unique and attractive, you can add small group of dots as I have added in the last part of video. Link of video is given below.

Watch Video Tutorial for making this Gulf Style Floral henna mehndi design…

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