Trendy Rose Khaleeji Style Henna Mehndi Design with Tutorial

Trendy Rose Khaleeji Style Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial
Trendy Rose Khaleeji Style Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

This Rose henna mehndi tattoo is also very simple to create and required less time too. This henna pattern is also called tattoo because the same rose henna pattern you can apply on front hand, on shoulder, on backside, as well as on side leg and other body parts. More over this rose mehndi is created with shape filling using henna paste technique, so this will also reflect dark henna stain or color.

Rose Floral Henna Mehndi designs
Rose Floral Henna Mehndi designs

So those who wants very dark stain or color of henna mehndi and also want small simple henna pattern then this design will be best for them. This Henna Mehndi Design is one of my favorite Henna mehndi design, because of having simplicity and rose flower pattern. Red rose flower is also known as symbol of love. So this rose henna mehndi design is also best for Valentine’s Day and also for other small functions. This rose tattoo is very simple to create, because here I have used simple pattern for creating rose flower instead of using shading and other intricate patterns.

Trendy Rose Khaleeji Style Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial
Trendy Rose Khaleeji Style Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Followings are the Steps for making this Beautiful Floral Henna Mehndi Design..

Step 1: First to make this henna mehndi design you need to practice for drawing basic shapes of flower and some vines and swirls floral elements. Because this is the center part of making such floral henna mehndi design.

Step 2: To make rose flower, First create spiral shape which will be center or base of this rose flower in henna mehndi design. Next draw alphabet “S” shape below that spiral shape created earlier. Next with the reference of alphabet “S” create two sided petals keeping some parallel distance between each of them.

Step 3: This will be in the shape of bucket. Next you have to cover this bucket shape. Create three to four petals around this center shape. Now Fill all the petals completely. Fill Each shape using henna mehndi paste except spiral shape. This way create more flowers.

Step 4: Next you have to make strip pattern as I have created. According to image, create strip between two flowers. So, strip will separate two flowers.

Step 5: Now in Strip first create small flowers as I have created and then fill entire strip using numbers of small dots. (draw flowers in such a way that all the petals should filled completely)

Step 6: Next you have to make string and then add some basic leaves pattern. Here I have used very simple leaf pattern. Now to make this henna mehndi design more attractive and glorious add some string or line element as I have created at the end.

Step 7: Create small dots around your henna mehndi design in such a way that it makes the shape of triangle or diamond shape to make it more attractive and beautiful.

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