Unique Bangle Ornamental Jewellery Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Unique Bangle Ornamental Jewellery Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Here, it is a simple bangle ornament jewellery inspired henna mehndi design. For creating this henna design you need to practice for making drawing so many numbers of parallel lines with different thickness. First make three parallel lines and then again skipping some space make three parallel lines. Between these parallel lines space fill some floral leaf pattern in triangular form. This design you can also add in full hand bridal mehndi henna design also.

Unique Bangle Ornamental Jewellery Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Ornament jewelry inspired mehndi henna design art is one of the most popular trend now a days in teenagers and newly married girls. The reason behind these kind of ornamental henna mehendi design’s trend is because of its simplicity and uniqueness. These designs are very much simple to create and also less time consuming. Moreover ornamental mehndi henna design or jewelry inspired mehndi henna designs are best for all functions and festivals like Eid Diwali karwa chauth etc.

Followings are the Steps for making this Beautiful Henna Mehndi Design..

Step 1:  First you have to practice for making basic small leaf shape for this henna mehndi design using directly henna cone or using pencil or pen.

Step 2: Now Next create two parallel lines near to each other and inside one will be little bit thicker then the outer line.

Step 3: Next create one more set of two parallel lines after keeping 2 inch of distance from the first set of two parallel lines. In this set the first line will be thicker then the second line. This will create perfect block for making bangles shape henna mehndi design.

Unique Bangle Ornamental Jewellery Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Step 4: Next create random leaf shapes keeping less distance with each other. Make thick and small leaf shapes.

Step 5: Give light or thin outline to each thick or bold heart shapes between each different leaves. Add number of dots in empty space between two sets of parallel lines and between different leaves, using netting pattern or using any small henna filling patterns.

Step 6: Now embellished above and below bangles block. Means create small patterns above very first line that is created for making bangle block. Similarly add smae patterns below last line of bangle block.

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